Premier Risk Management is a fee based risk management & insurance consulting firm that focuses on providing comprehensive insurance and risk management advice to middle market firms throughout the US and internationally. Focusing our expertise in the areas of commercial insurance and employee benefits.
We bring to the table technical skills that enhance the risk management process, proper competition, independence and uncomplicated advice. Our principals are guided and proven by the multitude of everyday practical business experiences spanning from every type of market scenario.
Equipped with a combination of current market understanding and deep industry knowledge, we bring a hands-on approach, knowing that careful attention to your unique operations is the key to successful risk management which results in value creation.
Advocacy is what we do for a living. It is not a side line to supplement other primary sources of income.
We believe so strongly in the value of our service that we guarantee our work. 

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Premier Risk Management provides Independent Insurance Cost Comparisons by vetting out the buying process to derive the best price while ensuring that coverage and service are not sacrificed.
Our services have consistently helped client companies to achieve insurance premium savings averaging 33%.
We do not sell insurance. 100% of our obligation, fidelity and loyalty go to our clients allowing us to be completely objective and unbiased in the advice we provide.
Our passion and mission is to give clients the best advice and counsel on how to protect their business assets from risk at the least possible cost. We do so by developing creative and well-thought-out insurance and risk management strategies and solutions. Our many years’ experience provides efficiency in evaluation of contracts and insurance audits. We have insight on carrier positioning and are able to quickly assess bids during renewal negotiations. We are your advocate for insurance matters. Make us prove it. No risk or obligation. Ask us to review your policies today.

Make us prove it. No risk or obligation.


All of these engagements resulted in significant hard dollar premium and insurance related cost reductions ranging from 10 percent to 84 percent. In addition, all of these clients had major coverage shortfalls and deficiencies which were ultimately corrected resulting in better protection for the organization.
As a consequence of our involvement, the responsible party (CEO, CFO, Controller etc.) at the organization for the insurance oversight saved a significant amount of time by our management of the process as well as organizing documentation for future reference and use.



  • The biggest difference is that Premier Risk Management does not sell or place any insurance products. Therefore, the advice, recommendations and solutions we present to clients are completely objective with no conflict of interest. Organizations turn to an agent/broker to purchase insurance products. Organizations turn to Premier Risk to obtain unbiased, independent, thorough determination of their insurance needs. An insurance agent/broker is paid by the insurance company for the products that they sell, often in the form of commissions and/or over-rides. Premier Risk is paid directly by the client.

  • No. A good broker will understand the detail behind your business, and will bring you good solutions. However, a broker is balancing his/her attention to your business with attention to the insurance markets. After all, you expect them to present you with thorough, aggressively marketed options at renewal. At Premier Risk, we can help identify new and hidden exposures, work through the internal communications and details that will help the broker provide the most solid coverage. In addition we translate insurance needs and issues between the client and the broker as well as drive down various costing components and premiums.

  • Absolutely not – we do not replace the services insurance brokers provide and we are not in conflict with insurance brokers. In fact, we look to form a team approach to better service client insurance and risk management needs.  Most companies and business owners have long-standing relationships with their brokers, and these relationships are important for many reasons. Premier Risk’s priority is to provide clients with an independent, unbiased viewpoint on the overall effectiveness (cost and protection) and administration (process and procedures) of their risk management program. By taking this approach, Premier is able to facilitate communications at all levels, resolve critical issues, and develop productive team efforts to achieve positive results for their clients.

  • Maybe, however a professional, top quality broker with the client’s best interest at hand, will welcome the opportunity to work with a consultant. The broker and the consultant speak the same language. Working together, insurance brokers and consultants engage with senior management to better manage risk for the client. Today’s economy and business environment do not allow for adversarial relationships between consultant and broker—professional cooperation with an eye toward oversight, best practices in risk management, and cost reduction results are the goal.

  • Great question! Our services are directed toward the busy executive who has the responsibility for handling the insurance on behalf of their organization and is interested in covering all bases when it comes to protecting the assets of the company. They know they need to take a look at their options from a broader perspective, more strategic in nature, and with the long-term in mind. Premier helps clients take on complex problems and lead them through a process to improve their business outcomes from an insurance and risk management perspective.

    There has NEVER been an engagement where Premier Risk did NOT uncover a gap or serious risk in insurance coverage. Brokers are not equipped to delve this deep into your business nor should they. It is incumbent upon the business leader to do that.

  • Clients pay us a fee for our services. We offer several options:

    Flat Fee: geared to a long-term relationship on the basis of being engaged as an “outsourced risk management” department providing 24/7 service, which takes the burden of managing insurance off of our client’s shoulders. In addition, ongoing service ensures further cost reduction opportunities over a long period of time by continuing to work with client companies on other cost control measures, not just premium. Our retention ratio of 99% is a testament to the service, value and results we achieve year after year for our clients.

    Contingency Fee Based Services: a combination of a retainer and contingency. The key is to be flexible in producing a return on investment for our clients.

    Project Fee: One-time fee geared to specific work i.e. policy audit, risk assessment, claims review or similar type of work.

    Risk management is an ongoing process and to effectuate long-term cost savings an insurance and risk management program must be approached in that manner.

    Please contact us with any additional questions you may have 201-573-1100.



  • Our company engaged Premier Risk Management to assist us in determining if our overall broker relationship and lines of coverage were adequate for our business.  They were referred to us by a top executive of a brokerage firm in Omaha.  Premier assisted us with our renewal process which had to be publicly bid. They were able to advise us from a different perspective than our broker that we had always relied on in the past.

    While on retainer, we had a major flood event. James King with Premier Risk was available every step of the way. He assisted us in navigating the submission of our claims to our carriers, the City of Omaha insurance carriers as well as FEMA. He was able to obtain reimbursement for expenses that we were doubtful would be covered. He was also very knowledgeable of the FEMA claims process.  James prepared an appeal to FEMA for items that were initially denied and it was successful. With Premier’s valuable assistance, we were able to receive full reimbursement for all damages.

    We continue to rely on Premier for day-to-day insurance issues.  They are always very responsive and their assistance is valued.

    Lea D. French, CPA – Metropolitan Entertainment & Convention Authority

  • We would like to thank Premier Risk Management for your assistance and guidance relative to insurance and risk management issues in the healthcare industry and for being a source of information for our firm.

    We understand the importance of obtaining independent and objective insight that a knowledgeable, professional organization like Premier brings to the table.

    I am a firm supporter of Premier Risk Management and greatly appreciate the level of service they provide. I would highly recommend them to our clients and would welcome any inquiries.

    Alan H. Perzley – Garfunkel, Wild & Travis, P.C.

  • I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and effort on our part. All of us at PRESERV have grown to appreciate the keen insight, advice and knowledge of our business and how it relates to the complex insurance world.

    Besides saving us money in the marketplace, your advice in the areas of overall risk management and worker safety has refined our strategic approach to our business. I look forward to continuing our working together this next year.

    Carl Culbreth – President, PRESERV Building Restoration

  • I can’t thank Premier enough for their support in my current commercial insurance package renewal.

    The smartest thing I did was to recognize that I was in over my head and that I needed expert advice. And that is exactly what I got – plus more.

    This year’s renewal was the most successful ever as a result of your efforts. Not only were you able to negotiate significant savings in premiums but you also managed to vastly improve the quality of my coverage. I will sleep a lot better now.

    Laurence Needleman – CFO, D’Artagnan

  • It is always a pleasure for me to give a recommendation, especially when the person and organization involved is genuinely deserving of one. Such is the case with R. Scott Wolff and the team at Premier Risk Management LLC. The fact that Premier has saved our company significant amounts of money on our insurance program is merely a by-product to the comprehensive services they offer. Premier has demonstrated a tenacious desire to attain a “complete” insurance/risk management program for both the present and the future. They not only review the details and specifications of each and every coverage along with the cost factor, but more importantly, they anticipate the long-term positive ramifications of a “complete” risk management program and help the consumer custom-design and implement such a program. Premier has also reinvigorated our Safety Program and our Fleet Safety Program.

    What I admire most about Scott is that he listened to us and took genuine interest in the complexities of our business and our industry. After listening and asking questions, Scott and his team did their research. Through this process, they were able to suit both the generalities and nuances of our business to a program which limits our liabilities and protects our interests and investments. It is my opinion that retaining Premier Risk Management would be both a profitable asset and a measurable dynamic to most any business!

    Glenn F. Wolkovitsch – Asst. Vice-President Human Resources

  • I want to take this opportunity to thank Premier Risk Management for their guidance during our last insurance renewal process.

    We are a group of companies that are involved in a number of diverse businesses each with different insurance needs. Our conversations have helped me tremendously to understand the issues that we need to address to fulfill our insurance needs and to protect our assets.

    I have worked with insurance consultants before and I know of the value they can provide. Because insurance companies pay insurance agents and brokers, I have not always felt that they place our interests first. At times during my career, I have found that some of my previous employers have had insurance that they did not need. Of course, the agents earned money by selling us that coverage. 

    I do believe that because we paid for your time and expertise, we received full value by not only getting an independent analysis of our insurance coverage, but also an advocate for us in our negotiations with our insurance agent. I believe that I have a better understanding of our insurance coverage’s than anyone has had in years.  As an insurance neophyte, you have helped me to gain that knowledge and I would recommended your services to anyone with insurance needs.

    Howard Berner, CPA – Financial Officer, Glenmore Management, LLC

  • Premier has been working with the Eastern Christian Children’s Retreat, a nonprofit organization, as a Risk Management consultant.

    Premier has been very helpful in obtaining a commercial package for us at a significant cost savings as well as providing additional coverage.

    Premier is very professional and knowledgeable in the insurance markets. They are very thorough and spent a great deal of time examining our documents and discussing them with me in great detail. They communicated our needs to the broker and was persistent in obtaining the necessary information.

    I would highly recommend Scott Wolff and his team and would welcome any inquiries.

    Jayne Press – Executive Director, Eastern Christian Children’s Retreat

  • R. Scott Wolff is a man of integrity who has a passion for his profession and for helping others. Scott and the team at Premier are experts in the area of insurance and risk management and have been a tremendous asset to our company.

    They have provided us with invaluable insight and advice on insurance coverage and risk management issues. Their knowledge of the insurance arena helped us saved a very significant amount of money on our premiums while at the same time increasing our coverage limits.

    I would highly recommend their professional services and Scott’s book “Executive’s Guide to Risk Management and Insurance – Reduce the Risk Boost Your Bottom Line” for valuable insight and expert advice.

    Donald W. Williams – CPP HR & Loss Prevention Manager, Revman International, Inc.



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