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Executive’s Guide to Risk Management & Insurance: Reduce The Risk, Boost Your Bottom Line

by R. Scott Wolff


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This guide was written for the executive, CEO, CFO, Controller, COO, VP, Board Member or Business Owner, who appreciates the complexity and importance of insurance issues and who wants to realize all the profit-boosting potential the right decisions afford the company.

In too many situations insurance decisions are made piecemeal … over time … at varying levels of corporate responsibility … without an understanding of needs and coverage, costs and benefits … with little or no sense of how the varieties of insurance-related decisions intersect or interact. The objective of the book is to inform the executive of often-overlooked opportunities and share insights and strategies for maximizing the benefits of a comprehensive, well-considered insurance plan.

The payoff for a company realized through the application of these strategies includes, but are not limited to, the reduction of management time and stress, increased flexibility, reduced risk, cost savings and enhance overall profitability.

The information and ideas contained in the guide are based on more-than-a-quarter century of experience providing insurance advisory and transaction advice and services to public, private, not-for-profit, domestic and international organizations. The book offers a structured approach to understanding the magnitude and import of issues associated with varied insurance transactions written in a down-to-earth manner. Click here to purchase.