The Life of an Insurance Policy

A few weeks ago I participated in a panel discussion regarding insurance issues. The first part of the discussion was to center around “the life of an insurance policy” – I thought to myself what exactly is the life of an insurance policy and trying to have a little fun with it, I came up with this poem. I am sure many of you can relate.

The Life of an Insurance Policy

Mine is somewhat of a lonely life.

I am born from an insurance company to satisfy a need,

a need for peace of mind and financial protection against many worldly risks.

I am courted by, and eventually partner with, individual consumers and businesses alike.

The way I get matched up is sort of like a blind date, if I look good on the outside then I can’t be too bad on the inside

Once I am with my new-found customer I sit on a shelf, stuck in a file cabinet or I’m in a PDF file somewhere…

No one touches me, reads me, caresses me or understands me – a lonely life

But they know I’m there…somewhere…

Ah, but when there is a loss and claim – that’s when the fun begins.

Then I have so many friends…claims adjusters, agents, attorneys

Everyone is interested in what I have to say…they want to understand me better.

I feel fulfilled – everybody’s reading me when there is a loss, even fighting over me – I’m feeling loved.

Although, sometimes people get mad with me…I didn’t provide what they thought they had

And to them I say…you really didn’t get to know me, with all of the good and all of my flaws.

All I wanted in life was a little peace, love and understanding.

R. Scott Wolff, CIC, CRIS