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Transaction Services

Premier provides Transaction Services on a variety of levels; whether you are a business that is growing and looking to acquire a business, creating a Joint Venture or transacting at the Fund Level. Our resources and expertise help private equity through all phases of development and growth. Services provided by Premier for private equity includes M&A due diligence, post-acquisition integration and portfolio due diligence.

Premier engages both sides of the transaction in discussions to ensure that the technical details of the insurance needs are clearly understood. We assess the merits or pitfalls of proposed insurance alternatives by doing this we bridge the insurance needs during the acquisition or pre-development process.

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Our M&A Services provide an analysis of the target’s business operatio and its existing insurance contracts to establish how accurately the insurance coverage reflects the true risk of the target’s business environment. Premier also assess whether there are any risk exposures that are not properly insured or financed which may represent a real risk to the business post-acquisition. Deciding which acquisitions will create shareholder value depends on the rigor and quality of due diligence performed on the transaction.

Premier will assess the impact of the acquisition on the buyer’s insurance program in terms of change-in-control, synergies and insurance risk management structure, as well as collateral. During the M&A process Premier combines the transaction services with providing support for the insurance coverage placement to increase efficiency and communication during the acquisition.

Portfolio Due Diligence

Portfolio Due Diligence includes a wide range of services. We perform audits and reviews to ensure your assets meet the standards set forth in the various contracts and provide a report of the current insurance program, pricing structure and loss analysis.

Contract Agreement Reviews

We analyze contracts and collaborate with clients to design effective insurance requirements for ground leases, joint venture or partnership agreements, supplemental agreements, development and construction contracts whether owner or contractor controlled.