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Premier Risk Management is a fee based risk management & insurance consulting firm that focuses on providing comprehensive insurance and risk management advice to middle market firms throughout the US and internationally. Focusing our expertise in the areas of commercial insurance and employee benefits.
We bring to the table technical skills that enhance the risk management process, proper competition, independence and uncomplicated advice. Our principals are guided and proven by the multitude of everyday practical business experiences spanning from every type of market scenario.
Equipped with a combination of current market understanding and deep industry knowledge, we bring a hands-on approach, knowing that careful attention to your unique operations is the key to successful risk management which results in value creation.
Advocacy is what we do for a living. It is not a side line to supplement other primary sources of income.
We believe so strongly in the value of our service that we guarantee our work. 

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Premier Risk Management provides Independent Insurance Cost Comparisons by vetting out the buying process to derive the best price while ensuring that coverage and service are not sacrificed.
Our services have consistently helped client companies to achieve insurance premium savings averaging 33%.
We do not sell insurance. 100% of our obligation, fidelity and loyalty go to our clients allowing us to be completely objective and unbiased in the advice we provide.
Our passion and mission is to give clients the best advice and counsel on how to protect their business assets from risk at the least possible cost. We do so by developing creative and well-thought-out insurance and risk management strategies and solutions. Our many years’ experience provides efficiency in evaluation of contracts and insurance audits. We have insight on carrier positioning and are able to quickly assess bids during renewal negotiations. We are your advocate for insurance matters. Make us prove it. No risk or obligation. Ask us to review your policies today.

Make us prove it. No risk or obligation.


All of these engagements resulted in significant hard dollar premium and insurance related cost reductions ranging from 10 percent to 84 percent. In addition, all of these clients had major coverage shortfalls and deficiencies which were ultimately corrected resulting in better protection for the organization.
As a consequence of our involvement, the responsible party (CEO, CFO, Controller etc.) at the organization for the insurance oversight saved a significant amount of time by our management of the process as well as organizing documentation for future reference and use.



  • The biggest difference is that Premier Risk Management does not sell or place any insurance products. Therefore, the advice, recommendations and solutions we present to clients are completely objective with no conflict of interest. Organizations turn to an agent/broker to purchase insurance products. Organizations turn to Premier Risk to obtain unbiased, independent, thorough determination of their insurance needs. An insurance agent/broker is paid by the insurance company for the products that they sell, often in the form of commissions and/or over-rides. Premier Risk is paid directly by the client.





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110 Warren Ave, Suite 3, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423
p: 201-573-1100