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When you DON\'T HAVE an insurance advocate, you experience:

  • LOSS OF CONTROL: are you Buying or being Sold insurance
  • LACK OF CONSISTENCY: does the broker see the entire landscape
  • LACK OF ASSUREDNESS: see the dangers lurking ahead
  • LACK OF COVERAGE: insurance policy protect you or your carrier
  • LOSS OF TIME: distractions from core business
  • LOSS OF MONEY: are you spending insurance dollars wisely

When you HAVE Premier Risk Management, you get:

  • ADVOCACY: buy insurance; don’t get sold
  • CONSISTENCY: appreciate the entire landscape of risk and exposure
  • CONFIDENCE: ensure needs are met as business changes
  • CONFIRMATION: know what the insurance policy protects
  • MORE TIME: free up C-level time & focus on core business
  • STUNNING INSIGHT: know WHAT you are buying
  • AVOID COSTLY HIRING: no need to hire an internal risk manager
  • ACCURATE RECORDS: just a phone call away


Development & Growth

Premier provides Transaction Services on a variety of levels; whether you are a business that is growing and looking to acquire a business, creating a Joint Venture or transacting at the Fund Level. Our resources and expertise help private equity through all phases of development and growth. Services provided by Premier for private equity includes M&A due diligence, post-acquisition integration and portfolio due diligence.

Premier engages both sides of the transaction in discussions to ensure that the technical details of the insurance needs are clearly understood. We assess the merits or pitfalls of proposed insurance alternatives by doing this we bridge the insurance needs during the acquisition or pre-development process.


Employee Benefits

Companies are under tremendous pressure to control health care costs, communicate plan features and ensure compliance while offering a competitive plan. Often, the staff already overburdened with administrative activities cannot focus on strategic planning.

Premier’s benefit consulting practice is uniquely positioned to provide your company with innovative & cost-efficient solutions.


Human Capital Risk Practice

Premier Risk Management, LLC has established a Human Capital Risk Practice providing consulting and related services to companies of all sizes.

Consistent with the Premier Risk Management business model, the Human Capital Risk Practice offers access to a wide range of \”best in class\” professionals with deep knowledge and expertise in delivering practical solutions to business challenges.

Our team provides analysis and counsel on programs such as:

  • Tax Advantaged Programs, Business Planning & Estate Planning including
  • Restricted Property Trusts – Conservation Easements – Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts      
  • Leveraged Credit Shelter Trusts – Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts – Annuity/IRA Conservation
  • Split-Dollar Life Insurance – Family Limited Partnerships – Qualified Personal Residence Trusts
  • Asset Protection Strategies – Private Financing Arrangements – Long-term Care Insurance
  • Charitable Planning (personal and corporate) – Buy/Sell Arrangements – Key Person Planning
  • Split-Dollar Life Insurance – Non-qualified deferred Compensation – Long-term care insurance
  • Disability Income Protection – Spousal Lifetime Access Trust – Executive Bonus Plans
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans – DBO Plans


Insurance/Risk Management Expert Witness

R. Scott Wolff, CIC, CRIS is qualified to assist attorneys with his expertise in property and casualty insurance coverage, insurance company and agency custom & practice, insurance company and insurance agency disputes, insurance agency management, professional responsibility of insurance agents & brokers, agents errors & omissions, insurance policy analysis, claims administration and his overall knowledge of the Standard of Care expected of an insurance agent when placing coverage on behalf of their clients.


ServiceDescriptionKey Benefits
Exposure Analysis
We will conduct a complete examination of your organization by identifying and analyzing your exposures and evaluating your risk management and insurance program.
This will identify and quantify what you do, what you stand to lose in case of loss, and what is needed to adequately and cost effectively protect your assets.
Risk Management Audits
This is designed to evaluate any deficiencies of coverage that may need to be addressed. In addition it will inform you of potential gaps in coverage with respect to your business operations.
Assurance that your risk management program is up to current standards and benchmarks and that best practices are being followed.
Marketing Assistance
We develop and implement marketing strategies ranging from single-vendor renewal negotiations to formal multi-vendor bid processes. We design customized specifications, proactively manage the renewal process, evaluate proposals, and negotiate on your behalf.
Eliminated coverage gaps, duplications; improved cost efficiency; reduced overall cost of risk.
Loss Review and Analysis
Loss data will be examined on a regular basis and analyze the historic trends.
This can determine possible trends and potential anomalies. A loss pick will be determined for self insured retention and if reserve funds are appropriate.
Collateral Analysis & Negotiation
Review & Negotiate currently held Letter of Credits or newly required.
Ensures collateral requirements are in check and being returned appropriately.
Determine Suitable Risk Management Design
We work closely with our client to determine what risks should be retained, transferred or avoided. We then advise on risk management practices specifically suited to the individual client’s exposures and needs.
Controlling losses and improving organizational performance go hand-in-hand. We take the time to understand each client, their individual circumstances, and special needs. There are no generic organizations and Premier offers no generic risk control solutions.
Loss Control Services
We assist in developing safety programs, train key personnel in accident investigation and claims procedures, negotiate claim reserve amounts with insurance companies, and develop strategies to bring claims to prompt, equitable settlements.
Ensure you are maximizing the loss control services from your insurance carrier. Assurance that best practices are being followed and reduced overall cost of risk.
Integrate the Safety Program
Cultivate a proven risk improvement process into the client’s organizational culture by placing emphasis in two particular areas: Education & ParticipationEducation and training improves knowledge transfer and increases awareness. We ensure that responsibility and accountability for loss prevention performance remains within the organizational structure of the client.
Disaster Recovery and Loss Contingency Planning
We can assist in the development of a formal written Disaster Recovery & Loss Contingency Plan.Ensures that your business is ready to continue operating even at the face of adversity and minimize risk of unexpected loss.
Due diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions
Business is every changing whether looking to acquire a business or create a Joint Venture.We can present a due diligence report providing a scope of the operations with a cost benefit analysis.
Total Cost of Risk Assessment
We will establish a “Total Cost of Risk” assessment and review premiums, deductibles levels, and claim projections.This is used to gage progress from year to year in all aspects of you risk management program.
Ongoing Risk Management Support
We provide continuing advice and risk management services, such as annual policy renewal and endorsement review and contract and business operations, to make sure your insurance program addresses your changing needs.
Ready to provide support and advise on a daily basis from knowledgeable and experienced risk management professionals.