Break The Bottlenecks With Business Insurance

The Harvard Business Review recently published an article titled “Break Your Industry’s Bottlenecks”. The concept being that to create a successful business “you have to break the rules and overturn the received wisdom about how things work.”

This could not be truer when it comes to the purchase of business insurance, which is a bottleneck for businesses and has been done the same old way since the Stone Age.

Two important items stood out:

  • When business as usual is set aside it significantly reduces cost, and
  • Outdated purchase is one of the five types of bottlenecks mentioned in the article

Premier Risk Management has also found these two items to be true. Too often the executive responsible for insurance has many responsibilities and business as usual is easy. Resource constraints force executives to stay the course, in turn abandoning meaningful savings opportunities. Companies often assume their broker is the only resource necessary.  The executive has done it this way since he/she started in business, did it this way in their old company and this way in their new company. We can’t forget… they have been with the same broker for over 10 years.

Challenge the Business Insurance Status Quo

When companies and executives challenge conventional methods they will benefit and discover what they didn’t know … competition is a healthy alternative!  Outsourced Risk Management helps remove the frustration and is an innovative way to provide expertise not otherwise available.