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Success Stories


Success Story #1

Electronics Manufacturer with revenue over $400,000,000 providing solutions for Defense & Aerospace, Medical and Communications & Computing.

  • Year one savings $1.1mm/ Year two savings $500,000 / Year three savings $350,000 / Year four savings $600,000.
  • Able to secure 3rd party product recall, intellectual property and trade secret coverage as required in CLIENT contracts to ensure compliance.
  • Able to obtain Batch clause wording for Medical Products Liability and amend the Extended Reporting Period to a Bilateral meaning Insured has the option to cancel and still elect extended reporting coverage.


Success Story #1

National Retailer with revenue excess of $1.6 billion and over 1,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Year one program savings $2.6mm/Year two program savings $1.1mm / Year three program savings $300,000 with a 30% decrease of Incurred Claims thus realizing an additional claims handling expense savings of $130,000.
  • Negotiated a reduction of Collateral from over $8mm to $3.3mm.
  • Amended Catastrophic (Quake, Flood, Wind) loss deductible to “per occurrence” versus the “per location” under property insurance. Based on the minimum catastrophic loss deductible being changed to “per occurrence” from “per location” allowed for claim payment at various locations due to Hurricane Katrina Losses and a larger portion of claim to be paid in excess of $2,750,000.


Success Story #1

Real Estate Owner using various 3rd Party Managers of over $1 billion of Total Insurance Values (TIV) of commercial and residential real estate on a National basis. Properties are comprised of Hospitality, shopping centers, offices, industrial, mixed use and residential.

  • Sometimes too many hands in the pot create problems. As an example an area problematic for real estate occurs when insurance needs to be placed on the asset and many times this can lead in too many directions.Up to three different parties (Majority Owner, Minority Partner and Property Manager) are potentially looking to place insurance in a master program. In all scenarios the broker for each party has a financial incentive to place the insurance but who gives the independent advise on the best options that a Fiduciary can depend upon. That is what we do and the end result is a Financial Savings to the asset while at the same time protecting the fiduciaries of the asset.
  • One example of the above scenario – a National Brand Hospitality Franchise managed and insured the asset. The cost of insurance was rising year after year. One issue was the way the Property Manager was determining and allocating insurance cost. Bottom line is we reviewed and saved on a single asset over $300,000 . They were also able to recognize this savings year after year.
  • D&O and EPLI coverage. Broadened the definition of Employment Practice Claim and amended policy to include in the definition of loss investigation of claims which were previously sub limited to $1mm.
  • Total Program Insurance renewal savings was $800,000.


Success Story #1

A specialty food distributor with locations NYC, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas servicing fine restaurants, hotels, caterers and gourmet stores around the country

Corporate Data

  • Sales – over $350,000,000
  • 400 Automobiles / Trucks
  • 500 Employees

1. Risk Management – Assisted in the review of their Fleet Safety Program. Work to implement procedures that were beneficial to their cost of claims in addition making them more attractive to quoting insurance carriers
2. Business Expansion – provided comprehensive reviews and integration plans for targeted acquisitions
3. Coverage Enhancement – Discussed business interruption in detail to develop not only the correct amount of coverage but verified the appropriate policy language was secured to pay for a business interruption loss
4. Savings for Corporate Insurance Program – $380,000 of Total Premium
5. Cost of Investment – $24,000 thus a ROI of 1583%


Success Story #1

A leader in the financial services sector provides a range of consumer financial products and services including short-term consumer loans, check cashing, and bill payment and prepaid debit card services through retail storefront locations and through the Internet.CORPORATE DATA

  • Retail Locations – 1,700+ as well as Internet Operations
  • Operates in 37 states
  • Risk Advocacy
  • Payroll over $140,000,000
  • Secondary Not-for-Profit-entity

Risk Management

The focus in this aspect was to develop a strategy for longevity. In the past they had been bouncing around from program to program which was not efficient and caused administrative strains. One part of the strategy was to have separate GL and WC carriers so each program could stand on its own and not be financially impacted by a catastrophic loss event from one to the other. Second was to determine if there was a market that would write both the Property and just one the other lines of coverage … doing so provides a carrier additional premium to create an opportunity for a profitable account by reducing the impact of a policy with claims.

Coverage Enhancements

  • Property – various enhancements but the most notable was improved catastrophic coverage which was important for a retailer
  • WC – amended the Collateral Agreement to have a method of returning collateral held
  • WC – bill review services were adjusted to a flat fee from a percentage of savings
  • GL & WC – improved claims handling fees

Savings for Corporate Insurance Program – Over $600,000 in savings (note these savings could have been recognized over a number of years)

  • Negotiated over $400,000 in reduced collateral requirement for renewal year


Success Story #1

General Contractor and Construction Manager focused mainly on commercial development projects throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

  • Risk assessment, insurance policy analysis, insurance program marketing, loss mitigation services and ongoing risk management services
  • Reviewed contracts and maintained a tracking program for Certificates of Insurance (COI) to ensure subcontractor compliance and ability to tender defense of claim if needed
  • Saving received on General Liability policy in excess of $135,000


Success Story #1

Not-for-profit – we provide services for a variety of not-for-profit organizations with various operations. Below is an example of various achievements:

  • Conducted a marketing effort of the D&O which resulting in a savings of 45%
  • Able to reduce D&O deductible from $25,000 to $10,000
  • Provided comprehensive D&O comparison by carrier for board review and decision for purchase
  • Discussed and recommended adjustment on property valuation resulting in 10% savings
  • Provided Policy Review Audit on various policies to identify coverage gaps
  • Ongoing risk management services


Success Story #1

Health Care Regional Hospital with over 530 beds and various services

  • Year one program savings $1mm / Year two program savings $250,000
  • Significant coverage enhancement to various policies. More importantly to the Hospital Professional and D&O
  • Major coverage enhancement to the umbrella program that a financial savings could not be quantified
    1. Defense is provided in addition to the limit of liability
    2. Limit for HPL and GL are now provided in dual towers vs. shared
  • WC Audit/Review resulted in an Experience Mod reduction from .72 to .47
  • Assisting in analysis of insurance program for a Joint Venture


Success Story #1

A client with a primary home in New Jersey and four rental properties in other states. The policies were a mixture of direct writers, one standard carrier and two specialty brokers.

  • Determined the home was over insured by $100,000
  • Increased deductible from $500 the $1,000 with a premium savings of $370
  • Increased Umbrella Policy limit from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 to provide higher limits due to the rental exposures
  • Brought Automobile Liability up to comply with the Umbrella Liability minimum requirements
  • Decreased collision deductible from $2,000 to $1,000 and Comprehensive deductible from $2,000 to $250 with minimal premium impact