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Our Team

R. Scott Wolff, CIC, CRIS

\"\"Scott Wolff is a highly skilled, dedicated insurance and risk management professional with a wide range of knowledge regarding insurance coverage detail, risk management, claims handling and management, contract analysis/review, and insurance program management. His 30+ years in the business and experience in insurance company operations (product development, marketing, claims, and underwriting), agency/brokerage operations, and insurance and risk management consulting gives him strong abilities to help others solve insurance related issues.

Mr. Wolff is a recognized speaker and has been involved in numerous panel discussions on a variety of insurance topics. His articles on risk management and insurance tips and strategies have been published in a variety of media. He is the author of An Executive’s Guide To Risk Management and Insurance — Reduce the Risk/Boost Your Bottom Line, a book written for executives, CEOs, CFOs, controllers, COOs, VPs, board members, and business owners who appreciate the complexity and importance of insurance issues and recognize the profit potential of making the right risk management decisions.

Mr. Wolff’s approach as a consultant/advisor is refreshing and productive. He enlists the insurance brokers he works with to engage with him and senior management to better manage risk for his client companies. Gone are the days of adversarial relationships between consultant and broker—professional cooperation with an eye toward oversight, best practices risk management, and cost reduction results are the mainstay. Most companies and business owners have long-standing relationships with their brokers, and these relationships are important for many reasons. Mr. Wolff’s priority is to provide clients with an independent, unbiased viewpoint on the overall effectiveness (cost and protection) and administration (process and procedures) of their risk management program. By taking this approach, Mr. Wolff is able to facilitate communications at all levels, resolve critical issues, and develop productive team efforts to achieve positive results for his clients.

His ideas and strategies on how to move a client company forward with its insurance protection program use both traditional and non-traditional risk transfer and risk management techniques. Because every company is unique, a risk management program should be developed and designed to focus on what Mr. Wolff calls a company’s “supply chain metric.” Although his focus is mainly on middle market companies (revenues of $20MM to $2BLN), Mr. Wolff likes to blend traditional silo risk management approaches with enterprise risk management approaches to achieve broad-based results geared toward comprehensive business protection and long-term cost savings.

Mr. Wolff has extensive experience working with real estate, construction, retail/wholesale distribution, manufacturing, technology, not-for-profit, and healthcare industries. He consults primarily on property, general liability, worker’s compensation, umbrella, directors and officers liability, automobile, ocean cargo, professional liability, environmental liability, employment practices liability, fiduciary liability, and cyber/internet liability. He has performed contract reviews for leases, contractor/subcontractor agreements, vendor requirements, and other pertinent business contracts relative to insurance related issues. He has also performed due diligence studies for mergers and acquisitions, developed and devised alternative risk transfer methods, counseled companies on developing strategic approaches to risk management and insurance issues, and developed cost containment strategies to help mitigate exposure to
long-term liabilities.

Mr. Wolff brings a passion to insurance that leads many clients to remark on it. He is an outstanding entrepreneur and a leader in his industry and community. He has recruited a variety of business leaders and professionals to work with him, providing his clients with open access to a team of professionals with superior business solutions. His clients appreciate his down-to-earth explanations, extensive insight into the insurance industry, and common-sense approach to real-world issues, making him one of the more sought after insurance consultants in the country.

Executive’s Guide to Risk Management and Insurance, Reduce The Risk Boost Your Bottom Line by R. Scott Wolff

\"\"This guide was written for the executive, CEO, CFO, Controller, COO, VP, Board Member or Business Owner, who appreciates the complexity and importance of insurance issues and who wants to realize all the profit-boosting potential the right decisions afford the company.

In too many situations insurance decisions are made piecemeal … over time … at varying levels of corporate responsibility … without an understanding of needs and coverage, costs and benefits … with little or no sense of how the varieties of insurance-related decisions intersect or interact. The objective of the book is to inform the executive of often-overlooked opportunities and share insights and strategies for maximizing the benefits of a comprehensive, well-considered insurance plan.

The payoff for a company realized through the application of these strategies includes, but are not limited to, the reduction of management time and stress, increased flexibility, reduced risk, cost savings and enhance overall profitability.

The information and ideas contained in the guide are based on more-than-a-quarter-century of experience providing insurance advisory and transaction advice and services to public, private, not-for-profit, domestic and international organizations. The book offers a structured approach to understanding the magnitude and import of issues associated with varied insurance transactions written in a down-to-earth manner.

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James King

James King’s everyday practical knowledge base is diverse and typically not found in many consultants as it  encompasses different types of business segments and sizes both foreign and domestic. Throughout his career  James’s work experience spans to include but not limited to:

  • Private Equity/Investment Banking with a focus to bring economic value to their portfolio companies
  • Real Estate to include Owners/Managers, Construction, Developers, OCIP/CCIP, REITS, & Funds
  • Mergers & Acquisition and IPO (Initial Public Offerings)
  • Retail, Banking, Pharmaceutical (Biotechnology), Restaurants, Franchises
  • Manufacturing of various business segments
  • Distribution and Transportation of various business segments
  • Health Care to include Hospitals, Assisted Living, etc.
  • Working in a partnership with Accounting Firms.

His unique background makes him exceptionally qualified to be a part of your risk management team. James King also proudly served 8 years in the U.S. Navy before finding his passion and starting a career as an insurance consultant. He contributes his success to his military experience as the building blocks on how he attacks business daily. The three words he most remembers are the echoes of his cores values: Honor, Courage, and Commitment; how else better to conduct yourself.

While serving full time in the military James King worked toward and earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Texas double majoring in Entrepreneurship/Strategic Management & Insurance. Many times he is asked how he decided on an insurance career after leaving the military. He simply says “daily life on a ship is all about risk management; it seemed to be a perfect fit.”

What he sees as skills important for his background and ultimately for his client:

  • Accelerated learning curve and Ability to analyze a dynamic situation
  • Ability to work as part of a team and a Strong sense of responsibility
  • Proven performance under pressure and an Ability to innovate rapidly in crisis situations
  • Strategic planning/foresight
  • A high degree of professionalism

These talents along with a strong business sense have created a passion for insurance consulting. It was once said “Learning the ins and outs of insurance is easy; what differentiates us from the rest is our ability to understand business along with insurance, and how we communicate the two to the top executives is important.”